Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wtf - Idea #2, BOOBS!

First of all, I went through putting down all of my emotions about weight and struggles I have with it last night and the blog is gone!!!
Maybe that's a message, but gone? Even if I didn't publish it, it should have been saved as a draft right?

Ok then. On to BOOBS.

I love men, but I like boobies too. My hubs and I play the "you think they're real?" game all the time. I win, cause I have them and I know. What else? I wish mine were bigger. I wish everyone had a tattoo on their BOOBS so I had an excuse to be looking so hard. I'm not turned on by them, so dont get all creeped out :). I really don't know what my deal is!! I don't know how to make this shit serious. I just keep picturing motor boats!

Ok ok. What do BOOBS mean to me? Well when I was pregnant with my twins mine were enormous!  My plus size maternity clothes fit perfectly and I was happier than a pig in shit about my body. Now? My BOOBS are always out. It's embarrassing when your best friends husband posts a picture of you on his fb page while your holding your son captioned "Jeannette and her twins, and the kids' cute too"  Right?!? It's not because I want them out. It's because I still wear the maternity shirts and my BOOBS no longer fill them out so every shirt I own just hangs off. This would go back to my weight post...but I'm not in the mood. Just like a fatty, dismiss it. Anyway!!! The only option I have here is to wear t-shirts to cover and that's not happening cause I HATE t-shirts.

I got nothing else. I'm gonna look back on this later to remind myself how stupid I sound. Maybe I should habeas narrowed the BOOBS idea down a little bit before I started rambling. Oh well, hope you enjoyed this as much as I didn't. Ugh.

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