Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beauty is her name

I have the most amazing kids ever, especially when they're not pissing me off :) So tonight, my eldest gets a mention - Kae.

She is really going through this phase of self expression, physically, and my God the beauty of her is so striking sometimes. It often catches me off guard.  She's got bright red streaks in her burgundy dyed red hair. She's rockin the glorified mullet "scene" haircut, and the other night I shaved the side of her head :). She's 13. She wears her black combat boots or custom converse with her zebra striped leggings and cut off purple shorts, or bright red skinny jeans with a leopard printed skull on her t shirt. She's got a billion bracelets and colored contacts for each day of the week. She's this Marilyn Monroe / Blood on the Dance Floor obsessed work of art that I am blessed to have created and able to nurture.

She's been begging me for guages for her ears. Um no. Mommy can only nurture your individuality so much before I allow her to make a permanent change to her head she'll hate me for later. We agreed, fake gauges were the way to go. She bought them with her own money, today at the mall. As we were leaving in the car she put them in and lit up like a flipping Christmas Tree smiling from ear to fake gauges ear.

I started rambling about how I was so proud of her for being who she wants to be and expressing herself, not worrying about dressing like everyone else (the teenage ass and titty committee), and how it just makes her so much more beautiful to be able to embrace the idea of being unique, or just being whoever the he'll she wants to be.  Holy run on sentence, I know. She replied with "I love you"

Beauty is her name.

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