Saturday, November 17, 2012

Snaggley - #4 idea

This post idea was "messed up teeth (which you hate)", given to me by my friend of over 20 years.

In school days I always freaked out when someone had gross unbrushed (butter) teeth. I was also pretty open about my thoughts on crooked (jacked) teeth. Funny how she remembers that! Man I was a big a hole huh? I hope I never directly made fun of anyone, but I probably did...:( People who think I'm a bitch now would really have thought a lot less highly of me then!

Any way, back to the topic at hand. Now that I'm older, over my traumatic youth of being made fun if myself, and more realistic about the new and improved less perfect me, I am much more understanding of the crooked teeth. Not everyone can afford two or more years of braces on top of oral surgery and all the other fun things that eventually lead to perfectly straight teeth that can go right back jacked if you don't spend the rest of your life maintaining your new smile. I get that. No one should ever have been reluctant to enjoy a laughable moment because some pitch like me may have jumped all over your flaw to make herself feel better about yours.

HOWEVEEER!!! There is no excuse for not cleaning them things. That is easy. Do it. I have forgotten to brush my teeth a time or two in my life and I feel HORRIBLE for those around me who had to get a whiff of that dragon breath! Seriously, just pick it up and run it through. There is no reason you should wonder why the words you're saying to me are going in one ear and out the other. I am just too focused on not breathing near you. I see butter, and I don't want to smell or taste it. Brush your damn teeth...make your kids brush theirs too so people will always want ro listen to what they have to say :)

Dirty mouth? Clean it up with.  .  . YOUR MOTHALUVIN TOOTHBRUSH!!

(Missy, if I offended anyone it's your fault)

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