Thursday, November 15, 2012

Idea #3 - What young girls wear

I have to thank my friend for requesting me to write about this. It's something I bitch about probably daily. Only when I see a young girl, around my daughters age of 13 usually. That's sad it's a daily thing huh? Well it is getting cold out so maybe I won't be wondering "what were her parents thinking!?!" so much for a while.

I don't understand how this happens. Is this where the "pick your battles" theory goes wrong? This is a war worth fighting and winning, as far as I'm concerned. Purple or bright red hair - fine. Partial shaved emo/scene head? F'in lovely. White out contacts? Sure, unique. Ass cheeks hanging out the bottom of your shorts and a vajayjay shot when you bend over? Never. Where do we draw the line? There isn't a line. There's an ocean and mountains and shit. It's not an option. Give me my ammo and cantine, this battle is on and poppin.  <~~ for those  who have to go there, you should. And good always wins over evil booty shorts.

These days I feel like moms like me are a dying breed. Where are our warriors? How do we raise strong women if we give up?

For the parents with the "ok" for theory girls to dress this way, please tell me what I'm missing? I just cannot imagine being content with my child exposing herself this way. Men giggling with their eyes glued. Little boys running by playing the booty smack game. And then people like me who see this and feel sorry for that child. How horrible. What would that make her feel like if I told her I felt sorry for her.

I don't want to be the parents my grown daughter asks "what were you thinking Ma?" - atleast in regards to this topic. I have made parenting mistakes and I'm sure I will make millions more. But this is one I firmly believe is up to us. Our CHILDREN do not have a say in how others look at them, but it helps to start with teaching them how to look at themselves.

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