Thursday, November 15, 2012

Snots Snots Snots Snots Snots Snots! Everybody! (in my LMFAO voice)

Tis the season...for snot faced kids.

Ugh, I can't stand it.  I let it really consume my mood and it starts to take over my entire life.  Yes, snot.  I'm a nanny, and I'm a Mama of 4 (duh) so I am wiping snot all day friggin long the past two weeks.  From a fever to pneumonia, and the flu woo hoo too, we've got it all going on ova heya!

I know germs are everywhere, I'm not crazy...ofcourse I know this.  BUT, my kids only get sick when (or as soon as) they come in contact face to face with someone elses kid(s).  So I'm in for it this season with this fresh new nanny job.  This winter will be the death of me.

My monster twin boys are screaming "snot, boogers, mamamaaaaaa" every five seconds of the day.  I can't sit down, literally, for more than 32 seconds without having to get up and wipe a snot face.  Ok, so my goes.

I get overly emotional during this time of year.  As if the family drama and Competition Christmas is not enough on my list of annoying shit I have to deal with, the sickness is always the worst.  Nothing is more heart breaking to me than the whine of a child who can't breathe out of his nose or can't sit still because his wee little leg muscles are aching with the fever and pain.  I have cried over this, like yesterday.  Other moms laugh at me, they tell me this is "all a part of having kids".  No shit, thanks for the big smack in the face wake up call.  I know what I signed up for!  That doesn't make it any easier.  I may be a tad bit psycho, cause I do wanna put my kids in a bubble or just keep them the hell away from yours!  No offense, I'll love you more when flu season is over.

On the upside, can you believe there is one?  I get more (snotty) kisses, hugs, snuggles and lovins than I do at any other point in my life as a mother.  Oh the joys!!

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