Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My opinions can be important, to me

I have to learn to find peace in the dumbness of others.  It is none of my concern, as it does not effect my daily life or routine, except for the fact that it gets me glued to this screen in arguments with walls and feeling like the entire world wants and needs to know my opinion.  I realize this couldn't be further from the truth, and in a few minutes when I get over it I'll understand why that is a little better.

I just want people to get over the election already, and move on to what we can do from here.  I guess in that sense I should do the same, and stop letting this non factors get my panties in a bunch just because they've lost theirs somewhere up their tight asses.  I have to be done with this.  But how?

This is where I lose it, where I can't figure it out.  Every single person I know who can even agree with me on most aspects of my temper tatrum rants has told me to calm the fuck down at some point.  It's not the calming down part that I can't master, I'm a Gemini - I can do that shit in a split second and pretend I have no clue what even happened.  My problem is, avoiding it.  When I'm passionate about something I just can't ever let it go.

This brings me to my kids (surprise, surprise!)......shit.

Is this why they are forever arguing what they believe to be a valid point, even though Mama knows best and I just wish they would SHUT UP!!!???!!!  Yes, of course it is.  Now to take this lesson I just kinda taught myself and learn from it.  Ok.  Sure.  Don't hold your breath for that to happen.  I'm who I am.  I'm opinionated and mouthy, sarcastic and even a tiny bit bitchy at times.  I can't change that (I could but I like acceptance better).  People who know me know that I'll be over it in a minute, and most have more patience than I do to wait that minute out so we can be loving friends again.  Ha ha ha.

Ok, I'm done.


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